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handmade japanese katana black dragon tsuba sharpened Online

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-overall length: katana: 103cm;
-Blade Length: 71cm; 1060 carbon steel
-handle length/material: 28cm;
-Habaki/Seppa: made of brass;
-mountings: Made of mix alloy;
-Sageo: made of silk.
-Saya (Scabbard): black lacquered be shine. made of hard wooden.
-blade: sharpened blade with full tang can cut paper or bamboo with strike and you don't worry about loose. the blade with blood groove shining like mirror. can reflect shadow of something. you can unassembled the blade from the handle by taking out two pegs.{2 pegs will be made during assemble} and the blade has been hand polished with multiple grade stones by japanese method, this made the blade very smooth. This blade has more than 12 process hand sharpening work. so this make the blade very sharp. this is a sharpened battle ready samurai katana sword very suit for iaido or kendo. it's also a collection for yourself or present your friends, don't miss such better change. otherwise, sword bag come with this sword.tsuba: (guard) you can pick one of the following tsuba of this sword's original tsuba;

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